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Will 49ers contact Lions with defensive line help following Kerry Hyder injury?

The 49ers have some roster moves to make, and maybe they will involve some trades.

The Detroit Lions defensive line depth took a significant hit on Sunday, losing defensive end Kerry Hyder to a “significant Achilles injury.” Hyder led the Lions last season with eight sacks.

The Lions are not a Super Bowl favorite, but they are expected to be plenty competitive this season. They will be relying primarily on their offense, but if they want to have a shot in the NFC North, they’ll need to shore up their defense. Losing Hyder makes that a taller task.

Enter John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan, and the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers roster has a lot of question marks, but defensive line is one area with potentially strong depth. The 49ers depth is more notable on the interior than the edge, but the 49ers have some talent they might decide to unload before the end of the preseason.

I don’t know if a Tank Carradine or Aaron Lynch deal necessarily would happen, or if the Lions might want some interior line help, but it will be something to keep on our radar. The 49ers are in the midst of a huge roster overhaul, and I have little doubt that they are going to be working the phones leading up to final roster cuts. How many trades, if any, do you see the 49ers making between now and the start of the season?