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Katie Sowers to continue working with wide receivers in full-time role

Kyle Shanahan offered some insight into Katie Sowers’ role as a full time employee.

Over the weekend, we learned that San Francisco 49ers coaching fellow Katie Sowers had become the second female in NFL history to earn a full time assistant coach job. Sowers announced the news on her Facebook page, and on Tuesday, head coach Kyle Shanahan offered some details.

The team does not have a specific job title settled, but he confirmed that she would continue working with the the wide receivers. She has been assisting wide receivers coach and passing game specialist Mike LaFleur, and helping out the quality control coaches.

“[W]e plan on her assisting with the receivers. Katie’s done, she did a really good job for us in Atlanta. She’s done a real good job here. She helps Mike LaFleur out just with some rotations. She helps our quality controls out with all the stuff they have to do. She’s a hard worker. You don’t even notice her because she just goes to work and does what’s asked and because of that she’s someone we would like to keep around. We’re still figuring out exactly titles and stuff and what that aspect is, but she’s done a good job for us two years in a row in camp. We’d like to have her help out throughout the year.”

When asked if it was full time, Shanahan did not seem to know exactly how things would settle, but she would be around through the end of the season in some kind of full time role.

“Yeah, whatever that means. I told her we’d like her here and we’d like her to stay for the rest of the year. We’d like her internship not to end. I don’t know of the exact title, what that means. But, I guess when we asked her to stay for the year, definitely want her the whole time. She’s not going to leave at half day or anything. So, I guess that would mean full-time.”

So there you have it. Congrats to Katie Sowers on her new role with the 49ers!