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Marquise Goodwin gets one year USADA suspension, will not be disciplined by NFL

The 49ers nipped this in the bud before it became a big deal.

On Tuesday morning, the San Francisco 49ers and Marquise Goodwin released statements regarding the US Anti-Doping Agency and a statement they had planned. Later that day, USADA announced that Goodwin has been suspended for one year, “failing to properly file and maintain his Whereabouts information.”

Goodwin previously was a track and field star who competed in international competition (including the Olympics). Goodwin’s statement on Tuesday said that he had decided “more than a year ago” to cease competing in track and field. He informed the 49ers earlier this year, and that was that. However, he had not informed USADA, and so he was still on their list of people to randomly drug test. They use the “Whereabouts” information to keep track of athletes when they are not in season.

The good news is that this is not expected to have any impact on his NFL career. The 49ers said they have been in touch with the NFL, and have been told Goodwin will not be subject to discipline under the NFL’s PED policy. Given the context of Goodwin’s plans to not resume his track and field career at the present time, it would have been foolish for the NFL to punish him for this. The NFL has done plenty of foolish things, so at least the 49ers received some clarity on it before it became a real issue.

This was a unique situation given that few NFL players are involved in other sports. And Goodwin might be the only Olympic competitor who will be on a 53-man roster this season. It would appear the 49ers got out in front of this and cut off any potential controversy before it hit the public. That’s not to say the previous front office would not have done the same thing, but given the positives we have seen from the 49ers new regime, it is another positive step to see this nipped in the bud.