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John Lynch: Now is when teams start talking preseason trades

Maybe joint practices set something up sooner rather than later.

The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of questions on their roster, and the roster overhaul we are seeing could very well see some trades as teams approach cut-down day. General manager John Lynch met with the media on Wednesday, and he acknowledged that now is a time when teams are starting to talk about potential deals. Each team has their own strengths, and they will hit up other teams to discuss ways to help each other.

This week’s joint practices with the Denver Broncos offers a particularly valuable opportunity in this regard. Broncos GM John Elway is on hand for the joint sessions, and he and Lynch have plenty of time to talk. Lynch acknowledged they have talked about this kind of stuff. While I would not expect deals to happen right in the middle of joint practices, maybe it sets up something in the coming weeks.

I would bet good money we see at least one trade involving the 49ers, and very well could see several. The 49ers have some veterans they might not want to build around, but could see them fitting into another scheme. There won’t be a lot to gain in return, but you never know who might be on the market.