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Tramaine Brock’s agent says 49ers lied about contacting his client

This should go well with future negotiations between the 49ers and Brock’s agent.

Former San Francisco 49ers cornerback Tramaine Brock signed with the Seattle Seahawks on Wednesday, and his agent, Ron Slavin is calling BS on recent 49ers denials.

Brock was facing domestic violence charges, but they were dismissed a week ago. As soon as word got out about the dismissal, there were multiple reports the 49ers were one of the teams interested in Brock. Shortly after those reports, a 49ers PR spokesperson released a statement saying the team did not reach out to Brock’s camp. Later, Kyle Shanahan said, “No one has reached out to Tramaine, so no on that.”

On Wednesday, Brock’s agent said the 49ers, “called me the minute [his case] got dismissed and wanted him back.”

There would appear to be no “receipts” to prove this is the case, and so we’re left with conflicting comments. Both sides are pretty well dug in on this, and it comes down to who you’re going to believe. Denials are not always entirely clear, and it is possible we’re being BS’d on this. I hope not given the new regime’s attempts to change the culture, but barring phone records, Slavin can’t prove the 49ers called, and obviously the 49ers can’t prove the negative that they didn’t call.

Make of it what you want, but where this gets interesting is with future contract dealings. He also represents Earl Mitchell, who the 49ers signed this offseason. We’ll see how future negotiations between the 49ers and Slavin or his associates go.