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Von Miller: ‘[Trent Brown] is the best right tackle in the NFL, if not a top five offensive tackle, period.’

The praise continues for Trent Brown’s upside.

Von Miller has never been shy when it comes to praise for San Francisco 49ers tackle Trent Brown, and he offered more effusive praise on Wednesday. The Denver Broncos are in town for joint practices with the 49ers, and Miller is getting a chance to face off against Brown and Joe Staley the next two days. He was pleased with what he saw.

Miller was asked what it’s like to face Staley in practice, and Miller praised him, but then pivoted to his work against Brown. Quotations come via the Broncos PR department.

“Joe is great; he's been a big time tackle in the National Football League for a long time. Going against [San Francisco OL] Trent Brown, that's one of my buddies. I said before that he's a great tackle. He is the best right tackle in the National Football League, if not a top five offensive tackle, period. Going against Trent Brown, No. 77 and Joe Staley, they have two of the best tackles. Like I said before, right tackle Trent Brown is one of the best in the National Football League and Joe Staley's been one of the best for a long time.”

Brown was the only offensive lineman on hand for Von Miller’s pass rush summit. Miller has a home in the Bay Area, and in late June he hosted some of the premiere pass rushers in the NFL. Fortunately, Brown got a chance to come in and work with Miller, Khalil Mack, and Vic Beasley, among others. Arik Armstead and Solomon Thomas were also on hand.

There have been numerous people offering praise for Brown. Last year, Miller offered praised, and Joe Staley said Brown could be as good as anyone. This year, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan both offered extensive praise for Brown. However, one thing they all added was that he needs to find consistency. He can be great one play, and disappear the next. If he can find consistency, he could take his game to crazy heights. If he does not find consistency, he could very well wash out of the league. Let’s hope it’s more of the former!