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Rashard Robinson talked about his trash talk during practice with Jerry Rice

The one player Robinson wants to meet but hasn’t is Deion Sanders.

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Rashard Robinson is a very confident individual. He is one of the team’s notable trash-talkers during practice, and regularly talks about the need to forget the last bad play as a cornerback and move on to the next play.

He decided to take his trash talk game up a notch earlier this week when 49ers legend Jerry Rice made an appearance at practice. The 49ers had Rice and Steve Young on hand, and Rice decided to take part in drills (watch here). He did some pre-practice running, but then he also got in on QB-WR passing drills.

Robinson was on KNBR Wednesday morning, and he said that Rice was giving the cornerbacks a little bit of trash talk during the drills. Robinson was not going to hold back, saying, “I was giving it back to him though. If he wanted to line up with me, I was ready. And I wasn't gonna hold back.”

Robinson said, “I kept calling him, I was like, 'I know you don't wanna come out here,' But then he finally came over there and he was giving me some trash talk.”

Robinson and Rice enjoyed some trash talk, but the 49ers second-year cornerback also recognized the value of having someone like Rice on the field working with them, and he and Young talking to the team after practice.

“It was good seeing somebody who accomplished all those things coming back and really talk to the team. And try to instill that winning culture back into us. Not really instill it, but just let us know what it took. I was thankful for it, I know the guys was thankful for it, and I know the receivers was thankful for it. They had them come out and actually, he was doing releases with them, and stuff. That’s something I know they’ll cherish, for sure.“

Robinson said he has also had a chance to meet Ronnie Lott and Eric Wright, but the one guy he has not met and would love to is Deion Sanders. He saw him at the Combine but they did not get a chance to speak, and Robinson said he wants to pick Primetime’s brain. Maybe John Lynch or Kyle Shanahan can make that happen!