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49ers-Broncos joint camp recap: One-on-one battles, strong defense were what to watch

Joint practices begin and the defense comes out strong

The San Francisco 49ers welcomed the Broncos to town a few days early for a couple of joint practices. We saw a lot of similarities to the 49ers training camp structure and a few new things. The 49ers offense and the Broncos defense squared off on one practice field and the opposite combination matched up on the other. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the day.

Injury report

Jimmie Ward remains on the PUP list but Brock Coyle and Dontae Johnson returned to full practice. George Kittle was listed as limited but he did see the field during the second session of 11-on-11s with the 1s. The 49ers reported that Donavin Newsome was placed on IR and injured Jayson DiManche has been waived.

One on ones were very entertaining

I was glued to watching the 49ers OL go up against the Broncos DL as were several of my colleagues. Von Miller faced off with both Joe Staley and Trent Brown multiple times. The most interesting part of it all was how Brown reacted to his first match up with Miller. Brown totally whiffed on Miller and was visibly upset about it. Staley came over and talked to him, as did OL coach John Benton. Several teammates gave him a pat on the shoulder pad. The next time they met, a few minutes later, Brown held his ground and held a solid perimeter around the QB.

The Broncos coaches are very vocal

There was a lot of yelling and cussing at practice today. The Broncos defensive line coach, in particular, seemed very angry dropping more F-bombs than I could count. It was highly entertaining although it was with in earshot of the temporary bleachers. EARMUFFS!!!

The offense had a respectable showing

No one from the 49ers threw an interception. No one. None of the three quarterbacks were flashy but they were quietly productive. All of them spread the ball out amongst many members of the offense. Hoyer was “sacked” by Von Miller twice during the practice but consistently connected to his receivers otherwise. Barkley did NOT throw an interception.

The defense has a day

Because the teams are split up on two fields you have to choose who to watch for each particular drill. Thanks to Chris Biderman who swapped stats with me for this section of the report.

Plays of note: Elvis Dumervil recorded a sack of Paxton Lynch and Rashard Robinson recorded a PBU of the same quarterback. Reuben Foster forced a fumble on a running back screen while Paxton Lynch was in as well.

While Trevor Siemian was at the helm, he was sacked by both Dekoda Watson and Eli Harold on operate occasions. Brock Coyle nearly had an interception but it ended up as a PBU as did Asa Jackson. Ahkello Witherspoon also notched a PBU.

The 49ers and Broncos have a second joint practice before a “day off” on Friday which is reserved for walk throughs.