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Reuben Foster has AC joint sprain, different from shoulder surgery injury

He had rotator cuff surgery before the Combine, and this is unrelated.

The San Francisco 49ers released their Thursday injury report, and rookie linebacker Reuben Foster will be limited to no contact. He is listed with a shoulder injury, which the 49ers are describing as an AC joint sprain. It is the same shoulder he had rotator cuff surgery on, but this is unrelated to that surgery.

Foster injured the shoulder on Wednesday during individual work, and was held out of team drills. After practice, general manager John Lynch was asked about the injury, and he said Foster told him things were straight with it.

“You know, [vice president of communications] Bob [Lange] told me that there was something. But, I talked to him and like Reuben, big smile, said, ‘I’m straight.’ And, so he’s good. He’s straight.”

The fact that he is limited and not out entirely is certainly a good sign for the extent of the shoulder injury. It’s worth noting even if it is unrelated to the rotator cuff, but things could be a lot worse.

Here’s the full injury report.