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Multiple fights break out at 49ers-Broncos joint practice, Reuben Foster gets in on it

It seemed inevitable.

The San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos appear pretty ready to do some real hitting on Saturday. The teams held their second joint practice of the week on Thursday, and there were multiple scuffles. One of them apparently saw Reuben Foster get into the middle of it as well!

Foster is listed as limited “no contact” for practice today, but he was wearing his shoulder pads along with everybody else. Even if the coaching staff did not expect fights, letting him get out there in shoulder pads strikes me as a positive sign about his shoulder sprain.

49ers and Broncos media are both on hand, and while we don’t get live-tweeting of everything, there are a few tweets related to the fisticuffs. Kyle Shanahan will surely address it after practice.