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Levi’s Stadium gets a little fancy with their new food offerings

Not only is there a new look to the stadium, there’s a new taste, a lot of them actually!

The San Francisco 49ers have a whole new regime in place and a new look to the stadium with more of a representation of the team’s history. Not to be left behind, the stadium’s food offerings are not just your average hotdogs and beers anymore. Stadium food vendors including Centerplate have updated their menus with items that are pretty tasty. Here's a look at a selection of them:

There are also vegetarian offerings from local restaurants like Oren’s Hummus Shop, Indian food including chicken tiki masala, curry and samosas from Shalimar, chicken tenders and sandwiches from Starbird Chicken, tacos from Red Rooster Tacos and items from the first certified organic fast food restaurant The Organic Coup.

If you’re like me and you can’t finish a meal without a little something sweet, Centerplate has a s’mores platter available. There will also be FROBOTs throughout the stadium where you can self-vend yourself some frozen yogurt.

Preseason matchups might not be the most exciting for everyone but at least your palate can be very satisfied.