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This play is not going to go on Brian Hoyer’s highlight reel

The San Francisco 49ers faced a Denver Broncos first string defense on Saturday that was missing quite a few starters. Brian Hoyer had a lot of time to throw against a weakened pass rush, but it was a struggle at times.

Hoyer had a few nice completions on his first three drives, completing 7 of 10 passes for 80 yards. His third drive ended with a pass to Marquise Goodwin stripped from the receiver’s hands and ruled an interception. However, the second drive will be remembered for ending on this particularly bad passing attempt. Hoyer went to throw the ball, and it just slipped right out.

The 49ers offense did not do nearly enough in their three series, with Hoyer responsible for this fumble, and Marquise Goodwin responsible for the interception. Hoyer could have thrown the pass a little more in front of Goodwin, but the receiver has to hang on to that pass.

But, aside from that interception, this will be the GIF that gets posted whenever things are looking ugly.