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Adam Schefter: Matt Breida is going to make the 49ers roster

It is not a shocking revelation. The bigger question is what kind of work he might earn for himself.

The San Francisco 49ers were active this offseason overhauling the running back depth chart. Carlos Hyde is currently holding down the first team snaps, but Tim Hightower, Joe Williams, and Matt Breida seem likely to secure some opportunities as the regular season approaches.

Earlier this week, ESPN’s Adam Schefter made an appearance on a fantasy football podcast, and the host asked him about Hyde and Williams. Schefter did not think the 49ers would release Hyde. He mentioned Williams having a bit of a slow start, and instead Schefter pivoted to discuss Breida.

“I will give you another sleeper name who I will not be surprised if he makes an impact this summer, and a guy that is going to make their roster, and that’s Matt Breida, who was an undrafted free agent many people haven’t heard of. And again, we’re only through the early part of camp so things change, but I believe that that guy has a chance to make a mark this summer.”

I bolded and italicized the word “going” because Schefter was particularly emphatic when he said that. Breida is off to a solid start in camp, according to reports, getting work up and down the depth chart. I am curious if Schefter is basing his comments off of camp reports or off something he has heard from coaches or executives.

It is not breaking news to suggest Breida is going to make the roster. The bigger question is what kind of impact Breida will have once the regular season arrives. He is going to get plenty of carries in the preseason, and if he continues to impress once he gets into game action, what kind of work will he get week in and week out?