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Kyle Juszczyk shows elusiveness, physicality on same play

The San Francisco 49ers signed free agent fullback Kyle Juszczyk this offseason with the hopes of turning him into an “offensive weapon.” John Lynch gave him the moniker in a press conference, and since then, Juszczyk has spent his time split between the running back and tight end rooms.

On Saturday, he showed off the combination of skills that are probably going to make him a pretty popular figure. Juszczyk had one reception for 21 yards on Saturday, and in the video above, you can see him make a nice cut to elude a linebacker, and then follow it by bulldozing a defensive back.

Juszczyk has only had the one reception in his first two preseason games with the 49ers, but it is safe to say he will be plenty active throughout the season. In fact, I would not be at all surprised to see him end up ranking second or third on the team in receptions. I don’t anticipate him having a huge yards per catch total, but he’ll get a lot of looks. If you are looking for a PPR league flex option in fantasy football, you could do a lot worse.