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Madden 18 releases today; who’s getting it?

What video games are you guys playing right now anyways?

Happy Madden day!

...I guess.

Those of you who have been with us for some time know that I have a love/hate relationship with EA’s flagship football series. I’m actually a bit excited this year for the story mode. It’s a reason to pony up $60 to play the thing. Everything else has been the same game since 2014 with merely updated rosters and added quicktime events to catching. I never understood why in the age of digital releases consumers need to pay full price for the same game with few updates, but having a story mode with voice acting and actual progression means EA tried something substantially new. I don’t even care if the story sucks—it’s a new, original mechanic to the stale redundancy that is the yearly Madden release. I guess we can thank whatever sports game came up with this idea.

I’ll have a review up for you all in a week or two once I can see what’s different with the modes and how the storyline is. With that said, San Francisco 49ers simulations are coming back this year. They will be a bit different as I’ll be taking averages and watching multiple games play out rather than a single game, but they are coming back.

All that said: who’s got some video games they are excited for? I know a lot of you couldn’t care less about Madden or video games in general, but is there anything you’re looking forward to the next few months?

I’m right now playing through Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, an HD remaster of the PlayStation 2 title released in 2006. I didn’t really care for XII back then, but today, it’s not too bad (definitely like the job grid upgrades). I also have Sonic Mania in the pipeline. I’m definitely looking forward to Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch, and also Ys VIII (pronounced ‘ease’) on the PlayStation 4. The earlier needs no introduction, it’s Mario. The latter is part of a series of RPGs that are super hot in Japan that can best be described as Dragon Quest meets Zelda. The story lines are really silly, but have a medieval James Bond vibe with it (there’s always a new girl for protagonist Adol to go after for instance that you never hear from again in the sequel).

Anybody got Madden? Anyone excited for anything coming? Any good recommendations?