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Victor Bolden talks about his 104 yard return

The rookie wide receiver was going to take it out no matter what - after all it’s the preseason

The NFL world, or at least the part of it that was awake enough to watch the end of the Broncos match up with the 49ers, was impressed with the speed of Victor Bolden Jr. Those who were asleep had to catch up with the highlights.

The speedy wide receiver is trying to carve out a spot on the 53 man roster and playing a big role on special teams is how many players get their start. Bolden is no stranger to returning kickoffs and punts either. He returned three kickoffs and one punt for touchdowns at Oregon State but last week’s 104 yard return is his longest one yet. His average for kick returns in college was 22.4 yards per return. Even deep in the end zone, Bolden knew he was going to take it out and try to “break one.”

With this being the preseason and me being an undrafted free agent, I gotta make sure I go out there and try to make a play. I just try to take advantage of every opportunity I get and I saw the opportunity and made sure I did the best with it.

Bolden credits his teammates for opening up the hole that allowed him to take advantage of his speed. Once he passed the kicker he thought he just might have a chance to get into the end zone.

Speed runs in Bolden’s family. His mother Zelda holds school records for the 100 and 200-meter hurdles at Mt. San Antonio College. Bolden ran several track events in high school including hurdles and ran the 60 meters for the Beavers in 2014.

Bolden is ready and willing to do whatever the task is when his number is called as either a receiver or returner. He has been lined up at wide out as opposed to in the slot so far and the competition is fierce with fellow UDFA Kendrick Bourne. Both rookie receivers have impressed during training camp and the preseason. The likelihood of the team being able to stash either of the two on the practice squad is decreasing with each preseason game.