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Colin Kaepernick announces latest $100,000 donation

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Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick continues to make his $100,000 donations, announcing his latest round on Wednesday. This brings his total donations to $800,000. He will be donating $200,000 over the next two months to complete his $1,000,000 pledge from last year.

Kaepernick continues to offer up details on his monthly donations. He reports on them at his website, but here is the full list of his most recent round of $100,000 donations.

Dreamville: $34,000

  • “Colin will be funding a couple of new projects in development he is very excited to support! J. Cole will announce these programs in the next few weeks.”

Lower East Side Girls Club, NYC: $33,000

  • GALA Stipends: $7,500 ($250 x 30)
  • Power of Peace Toolkits (125 youth designed educational toolkit w/ resources): $3,000
  • Transportation to the Women’s Convention in Detroit (October): $2,500 ($350 x 6)
  • Women’s Convention Food & Lodging: $1,500
  • Transportation to The Teen Vogue Summit in LA (December): $1,800 ($300 x 6)
  • Teen Vogue Summit Food & Lodging in LA: $1,000
  • Materials & Supplies (screen paints, t-shirts, posters, banners etc.): $5,000
  • Equipment: $3,000 (video camera and microphone kits for WGRL)
  • General Transportation: $1,700 (for local field trips)

Occupancy/Usage/utilities Fees: $6,000 (Rent, Utilities)

100 suits for 100 men: $33,000

  • Dry Cleaning, Laundering, tailoring of suits $4,000
  • Purchase new suits and shirts $7,500
  • Repairs to transportation vehicle $2,000
  • Gas for weekly trips to Rikers island $1,500 (should take care of 1 year of trips)
  • Office supplies including printer and laptop $1,500
  • Projector, books, materials used to present at Rikers $1,000
  • 100 suits for 100 Women purchase new suits and shirts $7,500
  • Trips to Women’s prison $2,000
  • Volunteer stipends $6,000