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5 Fun Facts - Ray-Ray Armstrong

Let’s learn more about the 49ers linebacker!

Training camp is over and we are deep into the preseason. With the San Francisco 49ers set to play their third preseason game on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, it looks like linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong will continue to work with the second team, as rookie Reuben Foster is performing well alongside NaVorro Bowman with the first team. That being said, expect Armstrong to get plenty of reps throughout the season.

During training camp, I had the chance to spend some time with Armstrong and get to know him better with, you guessed it, 5 Fun Facts!

Watch the video to learn:

  • His favorite type of food and where he can find it
  • The sports he plays when’s not playing football
  • What he’s currently watching on television
  • His favorite movie to watch
  • And the high school honor he received that he makes sure to keep up with even today.

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