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49ers release episode 2 of Brick by Brick all access series

The San Francisco 49ers posted the second episode of their new Brick by Brick series on Thursday, and you can watch it in its entirety at their YouTube page. The video runs 19 minutes and covers the first two preseason games plus the joint practice with Denver Broncos.

The video has some interesting moments, including some film breakdown by the 49ers front office and coaching staff. We get some cool mic’d up moments, with Reuben Foster among the better ones. Trent Taylor visiting the 49ers Museum is also pretty cool.

The best moment however comes from 14:00 to 16:00. At the 14 minute mark, we are introduced to a Make-A-Wish recipient. He visits practice, and looks a little uncomfortable. At 14:50, Marquise Goodwin chats with him and the kid says he has a headache. Goodwin then talks to the kid about his own sister, who is in a wheelchair. It’s a pretty poignant moment. Give it a watch here.