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49ers underwrite 3 years of SFPAL football, cheerleading teams

The San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Police Activities League (SFPAL) announced on Thursday that the 49ers Foundation has awarded a grant of $140,000 to underwrite the participation costs for the SFPAL football and cheer teams for the next three years.

It’s great to see kids getting a chance to participate in youth sports and not having to worry about the costs. And although the 49ers moved down to Santa Clara, they continue to find ways to stay involved with their former home city.

The low key best part of this? The SFPAL team name has been changed to the 49ers after 50+ years of being known as the Seahawks. I think we can all agree that’s a good thing!

Here’s the full press release:

The 49ers Foundation today awarded a grant that will commit $140,000 to the San Francisco Police Activities League (SFPAL) to underwrite the participation costs for their football and cheer teams for the next three years. The football and cheer teams will also receive new uniforms and equipment while changing their team name to the SFPAL 49ers after being known as the Seahawks for more than 50 years.

“The 49ers encourage physical activity through youth football and teaching sound football fundamentals as core components of our community outreach and SFPAL is the perfect partner for launching this grant program,” said Al Guido, 49ers president. “They have a long history of emphasizing sportsmanship and football fundamentals so we look forward to working with them to ensure San Francisco children experience football in a safe and inclusive environment.”

In alignment with the San Francisco 49ers continued commitment to youth development, SFPAL serves 1,000 San Francisco youth annually with the help of 100 civilian and police volunteer coaches and mentors through a variety of sports and leadership activities.

"The SFPAL is honored and proud to partner with the 49ers to provide opportunities where young people can enrich their minds and strengthen their bodies," said San Francisco Police Chief William Scott. "Sport is a universal language that brings communities together, and utilizing sports to lift up our young people helps develop discipline, teamwork and ambition and can brighten and inspire their futures."

For more than 50 years, SFPAL has focused on community outreach by organizing youth sports and healthy activities that develop personal character and foster positive relationships among police officers, youth and dedicated volunteers. The SFPAL football program has three levels with 25 children per level, plus a 25-person cheer squad and is associated with Peninsula Pop Warner and Pop Warner Nationals, which recently honored the 49ers as the NFL Team of the Year Award at the 57th Annual Pop Warner All-American Scholastic Banquet.

The partnership will also guarantee that all SFPAL coaches will be USA Football certified as well as work with Positive Coaching Alliance, ensuring a safer game for boys and girls. Additionally, the program will continue to have all coaches complete a background check, while keeping the program free of charge to participants.

The 49ers continue to enhance their commitment to youth football through multiple avenues, including the recent purchase of the 49ers Cal-Hi Sports Report and the 49ers Youth Football program’s Hawaii Blitz. Throughout the year, the team hosts youth camps, a local Coach of the Year award, Player of the Week awards, and its USA Football partnership. The 49ers also host the unique 43-year old local prep football tradition known as the Charlie Wedemeyer High School All-Star Football Game, the annual Levi’s Stadium High School Football Series double-header, an annual High School Media Day, and recently announced a partnership with the annual Honor Bowl high school showcase game. At the grassroots level, the 49ers Youth Football Program has consistently grown youth participation 18 percent year over year.