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Reuben Foster with another practice interception

The 49ers WILL linebacker continues to impress in practice.

The San Francisco 49ers were back at practice on Thursday, and that meant another Reuben Foster interception. While Foster has not had an interception in every single practice, he has been regularly appearing in the defensive highlight reel. This latest shows him ranging to the sideline to intercept a pass intended for running back Tim Hightower.

Foster almost had an end zone interception on Saturday against the Denver Broncos, but it still ended up in impressive pass break-up. Foster had no interceptions during his college career, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes for him to get that first one in the NFL.

The rookie linebacker has been a consistent playmaker in practice. He is going to be the starting WILL linebacker when Week 1 arrives. We’ll see big plays, but will we see a Patrick Willis-like rookie impact where he seems unable to do much of anything wrong, or will we see some hiccups along the way? The latter is more likely since Willis was such a rare specimen at linebacker, but Foster has been entirely impressive both in his raw skills, and his ability to quickly learn from his mistakes. He has yet to take the field in a regular season game, but it already seems like we could be getting ready for an interesting career!