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C.J. Beathard’s rating under pressure is pretty stellar

Beathard is showing poise beyond his years through two weeks of the preseason.

You can only take so much from preseason stats, but without regular season games to watch, they’re all we have. One thing that has been clear is that the San Francisco 49ers are generally better at pass blocking now than they were the past few years. The quarterbacks, of course, are benefiting from this greatly, especially C.J. Beathard.

On Friday, Pro Football Focus Tweeted about Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles and how he’s looked more poised under pressure in the preseason. They accompanied it with a graphic that shows Wentz has a passer rating of 149.0 while under pressure. Below him is Joe Webb of the Carolina Panthers with a rating of 140.5 under pressure.

Brandon Allen of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tom Savage are fourth and fifth on the list, leaving a nice little spot at third for Beathard to squeeze in. They have Beathard sporting a 135.4 quarterback rating while under pressure through two preseason games.

Of course, Beathard hasn’t been playing against full defensive starters, but as a very raw rookie who wasn’t expected to contribute much in his first year in the NFL, he has looked a lot more NFL-ready than anticipated. I would definitely say that he looks poised out there, and these numbers back that up.

Hopefully, we won’t see a dip in said numbers when the 49ers get through their third preseason game, where Beathard should see some higher caliber of players when he makes it onto the field.