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Time stamps for Matt Maiocco podcast with Robert Saleh

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Here are your timestamps for Matt Maiocco’s latest podcast with the 49ers defensive coordinator

Matt Maiocco covered Kyle Shanahan in a previous podcast, now it’s time for the defensive side of the ball. This is a guy I can’t get enough of, Robert Saleh. As usual, there’s a bit of a conversation with Mindi Bach in the beginning before Saleh comes on.

Shanahan comes in at the 10:15 mark and with it, his thoughts on the 49ers squad, becoming a head coach, and the hurdles he’s had to make in the transition.

As always, you can listen to the full podcast here.

10:15 — What led him here
10:45 — Does having played/being a graduate assistant on offense help on defense?
12:00 — When did he switch from finance to coaching aspirations?
13:37 — What the experience of 9/11 was like
15:44 — How his family responded to the career change
17:35 — The alluring factors in football
18:57 — Background on the the ‘extreme violence’ mentality
20:00 — How the players respond to the physical training camp
21:31 — Thoughts being on the field vs up in the booth
24:22 — Where he was when he got the phone call from Shanahan
26:00 — How he presented his plan to Kyle Shanahan
27:45 — What are his defensive ideas and what are concepts of other coaches
29:04 — Thoughts on the different position groups
31:15 — What goes into his calls on defense