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49ers roster sortable by name, jersey number for preseason game vs. Vikings

We’ll see more of the starters tonight, but this will help once they leave the game.

The San Francisco 49ers return to action in preseason Week 3, traveling to face the Minnesota Vikings. Kyle Shanahan has said the starters will play the first half, and then at halftime, the coaching staff will decide if the starters will play any of the third quarter.

That means once we get into the second half before players there will be a host of players we don’t know nearly well enough to figure out by number. And honestly, given the roster turnover, we are still getting familiar with some of the starters.

And so, we return once again with our sortable roster. You can sort by jersey number, name, and position. That way, when the starters depart the game, you can sort through this to figure out who is coming in the game. There is one list for offense and special teams players, and a second list for defensive players.

As the game moves along, particularly into the fourth quarter, we'll be trying to figure who is in the game doing what at any given moment. It is fun seeing the bottom of the depth chart get some playing time, but it helps to actually know their names and numbers.

Offensive/special teams uniform numbers

49ers sortable roster (offense/ST)

# Name Position
# Name Position
83 Bolden Jr., Victor WR
1 Mullens, Nick QB
2 Hoyer, Brian QB
3 Beathard, C.J. QB
4 Patrick, Tim WR
5 Pinion, Bradley ST/P
6 Bourne, Kendrick WR
6 Rose, Nick ST/K
7 Barkley, Matt QB
9 Gould, Robbie ST/K
10 Murphy, Louis WR
11 Goodwin, Marquise WR
13 Burbridge, Aaron WR
14 Carter, DeAndre WR
15 Garçon, Pierre WR
17 Kerley, Jeremy WR
18 Smelter, DeAndre WR
19 Robinson, Aldrick WR
22 Hightower, Tim RB
26 Bibbs, Kapri RB
28 Hyde, Carlos RB
31 Mostert, Raheem RB
32 Williams, Joe RB
44 Juszczyk, Kyle FB
46 Hikutini, Cole TE
47 McCloskey, Tyler FB
49 Breida, Matt RB
60 Flynn, John OL/G
61 Barnes, Tim OL/C
62 Magnuson, Erik OL/G
63 Fusco, Brandon OL/G
64 Lauderdale, Andrew OL/G
65 Garnett, Joshua OL/G
67 Kilgore, Daniel OL/C
68 Beadles, Zane OL/G
69 Andrew Gardner OG
71 Theus, John OL/T
74 Staley, Joe OL/T
75 Williams Jr., Darrell OL/T
76 Gilliam, Garry OL/T
77 Brown, Trent OL/T
78 Price, Norman OL/G
81 Taylor, Trent WR
82 Paulsen, Logan TE
84 Bell, Blake TE
85 Kittle, George TE
86 Nelson, Kyle ST/LS
88 Celek, Garrett TE

Defensive uniform numbers

49ers sortable roster (defense)

# Name Position
# Name Position
4 Davis, Will CB
20 Jones, Don S
23 Redmond, Will CB
24 Williams, K'Waun CB
25 Jimmie Ward FS
27 Reaser, Keith CB
29 Tartt, Jaquiski S
30 Iworah, Prince Charles CB
31 Jackson, Asa CB
33 Robinson, Rashard CB
35 Reid, Eric S
36 Johnson, Dontae CB
38 Colbert, Adrian CB/S
40 Sunseri, Vinnie S
41 Witherspoon, Ahkello CB
45 Taumoepenu, Pita DE
46 Skov, Shayne LB
47 Calitro, Austin LB
49 Jerome, Lorenzo S
50 Coyle, Brock LB
53 Bowman, NaVorro LB
54 Armstrong, Ray-Ray LB
56 Foster, Reuben LB
57 Harold, Eli LB
58 Dumervil, Elvis DE
59 Lynch, Aaron DE
66 Nwachukwu, Noble DE
69 Douzable, Leger DE
75 Sen'Derrick Marks DT
90 Mitchell, Earl DT
91 Armstead, Arik DE/DT
92 Dial, Quinton DT
93 Jones, Chris DT
94 Thomas, Solomon DE/DT
95 Carradine, Tank DE
96 Jones, D.J. DT
97 Watson, Dekoda LB
98 Blair III, Ronald DE/DT
99 Buckner, DeForest DT