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Watch Marquise Goodwin blow past Vikings secondary for 46-yard touchdown

The San Francisco 49ers starting offense had struggled the first two games. So much for that. On the opening drive against the Minnesota Vikings, Brian Hoyer and company had little difficulty moving down the field for a touchdown. Hoyer completed three passes for 72 yards, including a 46-yard touchdown pass to Marquise Goodwin.

You can watch the touchdown above, and boy was it impressive. The 49ers ran play action and faked the end-around, and Goodwin ran a post pattern. The cornerback appeared to hand off Goodwin to the safety, but the safety had no chance on it. Goodwin blew beyond them, and it was an easy pitch-and-catch for the score.

Goodwin has had a great training camp, but it was not converting to preseason action. This is just one play in one preseason game, but it’s a nice sign that this unit can in fact put together the big plays. We’ll see if they bring some consistency in that regard.