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228 pound Reuben Foster bulldozed 310 pound Alex Boone on one play

This is too much fun to watch.

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster has been a revelation through his first three preseason games in the NFL. It seems like every game we see a new play that wows us, and on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, it felt like a new play emerged every series!

The latest example comes courtesy of The Athletic Writer Ted Nguyen. Foster made some big tackles, finishing the game with a team-high eight tackles. However, one play that did not show up in the stat sheet impressed me. In the video above, the Vikings ran Dalvin Cook to the left end. Alex Boone swung out to make a block on Foster, only it did not work out so well. Foster knocked him backwards and to the left, closing a hole Cook might have been able to hit. Cook was bumped into Dontae Johnson who eventually tackled him.

Cook gained six yards, turning a 2nd and 7 into a 3rd and 1. It was successful in that regard, but Foster getting a good angle on Boone prevented Cook from hitting the hole and potentially turning it into a bigger run.

More importantly, Reuben Foster weighs 228 pounds, while Alex Boone weighs 310 pounds. The angle on which Foster hit Boone was important, but we clearly Foster brought some oomph on the play. And seeing him truck Boone was amusing to say the least! I feel like every week we’re going to see another Reuben Foster play that just leaves us shaking our heads in amazement.

If you can’t see the video above, click here.