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Throwback Thursday: Something Something Bossa Nova

Seifert in a Visa commercial. That is all.

Former 49ers head coach George Seifert may be the most underrated or overrated 49ers head coach in history depending on who you ask. But one thing is certain: he makes a good Visa commercial. That is, if you consider horribly acted, poorly sang renditions of “Blame it on the Bossa Nova” as great marketing material.

Oh and it was, because it makes me want to choose Visa over MasterCard and American Express right now. Visa struck commercial gold with this 1995 gem where the 49ers head coach sings the aforementioned song to an unimpressed crowd with some members of the team supplying backup vocals and maracas. Check out those dance moves!

Was it popular? If you watch the Follow Your Team episode it apparently is. Why this isn’t revived nowadays is beyond me. Nothing commands me more to jack my credit up with terrible APR than an awesome commercial with Seifert singing completely off key. Who needs the Super Bowl Shuffle when you got this?

Ok, ok, this advertisement is pretty bad. But remember, this song isn’t even the worst dance/vocal routine in 1995. I know, hard to believe. How do I know this?

This is the same year The Macarena came out.