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Noted 49ers fan E-40 shoots great Madden commercial with Marshawn Lynch

The newest version of Madden is out, and that has brought with it a pretty great commercial about the realism of the game. E-40 and Marshawn Lynch are seen walking around, in what I imagine is downtown Oakland. They walk by an electronics store with a bunch of TVs in the window, and it shows the Oakland Raiders on the screen. E-40 asks Lynch if the Raiders have a game that day, and Lynch runs off yelling that he thought he had a bye week. Lynch is absolutely perfect for that kind of line.

It’s a great commercial, but E-40 wants to make sure everyone remembers he’s still a 49ers fan. He tweeted out the commercial and made sure to offer up a clarification about it.

While I appreciate the clarification, Marshawn Lynch strikes me as one of those football players that I’d be cool with any 49ers fan hanging out with. So, no worries on that one E-40!