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Time stamps for Matt Maiocco podcast with George Seifert

Here are your timestamps for Matt Maiocco’s latest podcast with former 49ers head coach George Seifert

Matt Maiocco is back with another podcast. This time it’s a conversation with former 49ers head coach George Seifert. To start, there’s a bit of a conversation with Mindi Bach. Bach comes in for the intro to discuss the state of the 49ers. I didn’t time stamp this since it’s more of a conversation vs. a Q & A.

Seifert comes in at the 9:11 mark and with it, a great story of working under Bill Walsh, coaching the 49ers, the state of the franchise, and how his defense is basically coming back to San Francisco.

As always, you can listen to the full podcast here.

9:17 - What has George Seifert been up to since retiring?
9:59 - On having a well rounded life instead of a life dedicated solely to football
11:45 - Earliest memory as a 49er fan
12:50 - The opportunity of joining Bill Walsh’s staff
15:20 - On the playcalling following The Catch (and how it could have cost his career)
16:07 - Does he still wonder what would have happened had Cowboys’ Drew Pearson not been stopped following The Catch?
16:53 - What were his defensive principles?
18:43 - His involvement when becoming head coach, did he delegate or still influence the defense?
20:42 - Pete Carroll’s defense when coming to San Francisco
22:03 - Does he see the thumbprints of the 49ers on the Seahawks?
23:08 - A description of the elephant [what later became LEO] position
24:44 - On how the name ‘elephant’ came about
25:41 - On being tough, but fair
27:00 - Thoughts on Terrell Owens
28:49 - His relationship with Kyle Shanahan during Mike Shanahan’s tenure as offensive coordinator
30:00 - Feelings on the direction of the 49ers with the Lynch/Shanahan hires