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Media once again seems to be falling for Blaine Gabbert

The hype train is back.

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Arizona Cardinals 20-18 in the Hall of Fame Game Thursday evening, but the story of the game might have been Blaine Gabbert. The Cardinals third string quarterback completed 11 of 14 passes for 185 yards, including eight straight completions to open the game. He found open receivers and looked mostly good. He had some Gabbert brain farts as well, but all in all, it was a good performance.

That performance also came against second and third string Cowboys defensive players. He cannot control who the Cowboys play in a preseason game, but it is certainly worth tempering expectations for Cardinals fans.

Well, maybe not.

I think the first tweet about him fighting for the backup job is reasonable. Drew Stanton is a capable backup, but he hasn’t done anything that would make his job locked in. If he struggles and Gabbert can play anywhere near what we saw in the Hall of Fame Game, it might be enough to claim Stanton’s No. 2 job.

As for the latter tweet? Yea, umm, no. But that won’t stop the hype train. Just ask Cris Collinsworth.