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Dolphins in negotiations with Jay Cutler to replace injured Ryan Tannehill

As the wheels turn!

The quarterback situation in Miami remains fairly fluid, and now it sounds like they are looking at some external options. There was some talk the Dolphins had discussed Kaepernick internally, but columnist Armando Salguero is reporting head coach Adam Gase has been in touch with Jay Cutler the past two days to discuss options.

Gase and Cutler worked together in Chicago, and it worked out well for both. Cutler saw some rejuvenation in his career, and it all but sealed Gase’s future as an NFL head coach.

The Dolphins initially thought Ryan Tannehill was going to escape his injury without too much damage. However, Salguero is reporting the quarterback is expected to miss “significant” time this season, even if he avoids season-ending surgery. Tannehill injured the ACL last year, but did not undergo surgery. It would appear that is impacting the present situation.

Cutler could not find a new team this year and is set to start a broadcasting career. Re-connecting with Gase makes sense as one of the few reasons he would return to playing. There is some chatter he would want it clear he is only coming in as the starter, but would the Dolphins make him compete with Matt Moore?

Matt Maiocco tweeted that Adam Gase had an offensive plan ready for Colin Kaepernick when he interviewed with the San Francisco 49ers in 2015. That’s not an entirely surprising revelation. A new head coach would need to have that kind of thing figured out for a job interview.

Gase’s work with Cutler would likely trump that, but if they can’t come to terms, maybe Kaepernick enters the picture? Salguero came down hard on Kaepernick for his Fidel Castro/Malcolm X t-shirt and comments, and thinks that is likely to be one reason Stephen Ross prevents any potential signing. I guess we’ll see what the weekend brings.