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49ers provide Matt Breida highlights from open practice

The San Francisco 49ers have several options to consider at the running back position, and two rookies will factor into the mix. Joe Williams is coming off a couple strong practices, while Matt Breida is getting plenty of positive publicity.

Earlier this week, Adam Schefter said on a podcast that Breida is going to make the roster. He’ll likely be active first as a special teamer, but maybe the 49ers utilize all four of their backs (Hyde, Hightower, Williams, Breida) in the rotation?

The 49ers posted some highlight video of Breida’s strong day on Saturday. With the hype increasing daily, I thought it would be fun to share. The 49ers open their preseason on Friday against the Kansas City Chiefs, and I have to think Breida is a front-runner to be one of the leading preseason rushers this season. He’ll get plenty of playing time alongside Joe Williams, and we could see quite the preseason dynamic duo.