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Trent Baalke hired by the NFL per report

The new job: football operations consultant

There was a lot of speculation on where former 49ers general manager Trent Baalke may end up. Signs pointed to the Denver Broncos as a potential landing spot with Baalke’s connections.

Well, Baalke’s back in the NFL, but he’s not working for a team, but for The Shield itself. Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Baalke will be working for the NFL as a football operations consultant.

The role, according to Schefter, is an advisory one, where he’ll work on player development and evaluation and officiating video review.

Baalke put his Bay Area home up for sale a few months ago, so it was a safe bet he wouldn’t be sticking around in the area. Given that he’s gone from executive of the year to a general manager shouldering the blame for the 49ers’ recent troubles, he probably wouldn’t find another GM job immediately. That said, Baalke has been credited as an excellent scout, and many teams may have wanted him in their scouting department. Apparently, the NFL has other ideas for him.

Either way, he’s got a new gig. I’m sure we’ll hear more about what Baalke is doing in the coming months.