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49ers to offer quasi-‘all access’ video series of camp with Nike

It’s not quite Hard Knocks, but it should be fun.

The San Francisco 49ers put out mic’d up videos fairly regularly, but they have come up with something a little bit more in depth for training camp. The 49ers are working with Nike Football to come up with a program called “Brick by Brick.” You can watch the trailer of it above.

There will be three episodes airing on social media and online during training camp. According to the 49ers, it’s a collection of interviews, mic’d up segments from practice and games, and some imagery from practice and around the building. It’s not quite Hard Knocks level of access, but it’s a little something different we have not seen in recent years.

We’ll make sure and post all three episodes as they go live, but in the meantime, enjoy the trailer.