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Spike Lee organizing Colin Kaepernick support rally at NFL New York headquarters

If you are in New York City in two weeks, there will be an interesting little event taking place. Film director Spike Lee is promoting a “United We Stand” rally in support of Colin Kaepernick. It is scheduled for 5 p.m. ET, and will take place in front of NFL headquarters at 345 Park Avenue.

There was a solidarity rally for Kaepernick back in late May, featuring about 50 or so people. It got an MMQB write-up, but was not a huge to-do. With two weeks notice on an event organized by a prominent person like Lee, it could make for a bigger crowd. And given that it will be in the middle of preseason football, it will likely be on people’s minds a bit more than the May rally.

Kaepernick remains unsigned with the first preseason games of the season getting going this week. Seattle brought him in for a visit earlier this year, Baltimore talked to him after Joe Flacco got hurt, and Miami considered him after Ryan Tannehill got hurt. Ultimately, none of them signed Kaepernick and he remains a free agent. An injury could always change that, but given how this situation is playing out, it seems unlikely we see him playing this season.