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Reuben Foster works with second team defense, gets another interception

Foster is moving around the depth chart, but wherever he is, he makes plays.

A day after Reuben Foster got reps with the San Francisco 49ers first team defense, Ray-Ray Armstrong took his place on Tuesday. Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said on Monday that Armstrong would get first team reps, and that was the case in today’s practice.

We’re awaiting full practice reports, but in the meantime, it is not surprising that Foster had another interception. According to the beat writers on hand, Foster picked off Matt Barkley, with Kevin Jones describing it as a disguised coverage.

Foster has been making splash plays almost every day he has been out there. He did not have a single interception, forced fumbled, or fumble recovery in his time at Alabama, so it feels like he is making up for lost time in practice. I am curious whether or not he had turnovers in practice during his college career that just did not translate to game situations.

Either way, he is right in the midst of everything during his first two weeks of NFL practice.