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LB Donavin Newsom taken off 49ers practice field in ambulance after collision

Fortunately, Kyle Shanahan said he had some movement in his lower body and was conscious.

Fooch’s update: Newsom was transported to Stanford Medical Center and doctors determined he has no cervical spine fracture, but did suffer a concussion. He remains at the hospital under observation.

Some bad news out of San Francisco 49ers training camp. Rookie linebacker Donavin Newsom and rookie safety Chanceller James collided late in practice, and Newsom was left motionless on the field. He was down for several minutes before an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.

After practice, Kyle Shanahan said that the good news is he had feeling and slight movement in his fingers and lower body, and was conscious. He is getting the neck area checked, but they are waiting to hear more information after he is examined.

Best wishes to Donavin Newsom. We’ll be thinking of him.