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5 Fun Facts with Aaron Lynch

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49ers Fan Girl took time to chat with the 49ers defensive end

49ers training camp is in full swing and you know what that means - it's 5 Fun Facts time!

Today's subject is none other slimmed-down linebacker and new dad (for the second time) Aaron Lynch. Lynch has been having a pretty good training camp and is fighting to keep his job with San Francisco.

In this edition of 5 Fun Facts, you will learn:

  1. His favorite game to play with his son
  2. The odd types of foods he eats
  3. His affinity for a certain type of motorcycle
  4. What he's watching (hint: Winter is coming)
  5. And his favorite way to spend his free time.

Here's a sixth fun fact. He and his wife welcomed Samson John Lynch hours after we filmed this.

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