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49ers show first photos of new Levi's Stadium Ring of Honor

The San Francisco 49ers announced earlier this year that they would be adding a Ring of Honor, among other things, at Levi's Stadium. Team president Al Guido posted the first three pictures we have of the ring.

The 49ers stadium is a solid facility, with great amenities. The 49ers Museum is cool, ordering from your seat is a plus, and there is some good food and beverage selection. However, since it opened in 2014, it has been lacking in charm and personality. One of the regular fan complaints has been the lack of a Ring of Honor or any real recognition of the history of the franchise. The Museum has plenty of cool things to check out, but you can't see it without getting a ticket into the museum.

Adding a Ring of Honor is an important step forward in adding some personality to Levi's Stadium, and offering up the proper visible respect for the franchise's history. Hopefully it is just the first of many additions to improve the stadium.