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Chargers vs 49ers: Winners and Losers

With roster spots on the line there were several winners and losers in the 49ers final preseason game

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers closed out their preseason at home vs. the Chargers. With roster spots on the line, players gave it there all to show what they could do before the final cuts are made. Here are you winner and losers:


Asa Jackson

The veteran cornerback caught two interceptions and made four tackles which should solidify his future in Santa Clara. Not only does he participate on special teams but he would bring maturity and experience to the 49ers young secondary.

Victor Bolden Jr.

The rookie wide receiver is fast, really fast. He ran another return back for a touchdown, this time for 92 yards. His contributions on special teams increases his stock. Bolden didn’t do much in the passing game, but neither did anyone else.


Tim Hightower

Once thought to be a lock for the 53 man roster, Hightower now appears to be the odd man out. While he has history with Kyle Shanahan, he hasn’t made much of an impact throughout training camp or the preseason. He had eight carries for 21 yards and did get into the end zone for a touchdown but Matt Breida and Raheem Mostert are clearly ahead of him on the depth chart.

Joe Williams

While I don’t think Williams will get cut, he didn’t help matters when he put the ball on the ground again. Shanahan stated in his press conference that it’s something that needs to be fixed. Williams had 10 carries for 53 yards which is respectable but not when you include the fumble.

Quinton Dial and Aaron Lynch

It seems that Dial and Lynch will not be with the 49ers much longer. Both of the veterans were still in the game late in the 4th quarter. While that’s not a definite sign that they will be cut, it definitely not a positive one either.

Matt Barkley

The 49ers could keep two or three quarterbacks on the roster and after today it’s looking more like two. Brian Hoyer is clearly the starter and C.J. Beathard is their developmental player. If the new regime learned anything from the previous one, it’s to not cut the quarterback you drafted because he will get poached. Also after seeing Barkley’s play throughout training camp, he will likely still be available if they need him in the future.