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Would you want to see C.J. Beathard in the regular season in 2017-18?

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C.J. Beathard looks like he’ll be Brian Hoyer’s primary backup. Do you want him to be more than that?

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Provided the San Francisco 49ers don’t intend to re-sign quarterback Matt Barkley at a later date, they will go into the 2017-18 regular season with Brian Hoyer as the starter and rookie C.J. Beathard as the primary backup. Beathard looked good in the preseason, or at the very least, he looked like he could handle what was in front of him, which wasn’t expected so quickly.

Which brings me to my question: how confident are you in Beathard if he has to take snaps in the regular season? He never saw action against a full set of starters in the preseason, and when the 49ers drafted him he was considered raw. He still is raw, but he’s shown poise that have obviously convinced the 49ers he is closer to being ready than anticipated.

So really, there are two big questions here. The first: how would you feel about the 49ers’ chances if Hoyer went down with an injury at any point this coming season?

The second: if Hoyer is struggling, say, six weeks into the season, would you want the 49ers to bench him and get Beathard into the starting lineup?

At this point, the 49ers are still likely looking at getting a new quarterback in 2018, whether that be a rookie taken early in the draft or a veteran like Kirk Cousins after his one-year franchise tag with Washington is done.

If they do that, then Beathard would likely have little opportunity to compete for anything more than another backup job. But if he has any potential as a starter, would it be best for the 49ers to try and get him in front of some actual, factual NFL competition this season, provided Hoyer isn’t playing extremely well?

I’m interested to hear peoples’ thoughts on this. The backup quarterback is often a favorite of the fanbase, especially when that backup has only played in the preseason. What do ya’ll think?