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Former Panthers WR Steve Smith picks 49ers upset

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He grew up a 49ers fan, and thinks Kyle Shanahan can get off to a good start.

The San Francisco 49ers are a 5.5-point underdog against the Carolina Panthers, but one former Panther is going with the upset! NFL Network analyst Steve Smith offered up his prediction Sunday morning, and he thinks the 49ers can spring the upset. You can watch the video above.

Smith opened by saying he grew up a 49ers fan in California, and he feels some freedom now that he’s retired. However, he also mentioned that Kyle Shanahan has done well early in previous stops, and thinks he can do so again in this game.

Michael Robinson and Colleen Wolfe both picked the Panthers, although they both said it was a tough game to call. Robinson thinks the 49ers will be better than people expect, while Wolfe was unsure what to expect from Cam Newton coming off only a handful of preseason snaps after his shoulder surgery.

If you can’t see the video above, click here.