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Check out Tom Rathman’s new statue in the 49ers Hall of Fame

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It’s stationed next to Roger Craig, which seems fitting.

The San Francisco 49ers are honoring former fullback Tom Rathman this weekend, inducting him into the franchise’s Hall of Fame. Rathman was a key cog on the 49ers dominant offenses of the 80s, expanding the role of the fullback in the West Coast offense. He is being inducted as a player, but his work as running backs coach was universally praised by his players.

The team have added a Rathman statue to the 49ers Museum inside Levi’s Stadium. On Sunday, they unveiled the statue. Fittingly enough, Rathman’s was placed next to Roger Craig’s statue. Here is a picture of it, courtesy of the 49ers Museum Director, Jesse Lovejoy. The 49ers game-day magazine also features Rathman.