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Watch Jaquiski Tartt make a ridiculous one-handed interception

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This is impressive work by the 49ers free safety.

San Francisco 49ers free safety Jaquiski Tartt got off to a rough start, blowing a tackle and committing a penalty for a hit on a defenseless player. However, he responded with a huge interception in the second quarter against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

You can watch the video above, but Tartt streaked into the play and went up with one hand to grab the ball out of the air. He brought it into his grasp, and then ran out near the 49ers 40.

It was a sweet interception, but it was critical because of where it happened. The Panthers were driving, and if Tartt didn’t get up there for the ball, it might be a touchdown and 14-0 Carolina lead. The 49ers offense is struggling to get much going, and a two-touchdown game might put this thing out of reach sooner rather than later. The defense took a big hit with the loss of Reuben Foster, so big plays like this will give the unit some momentum and confidence.