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49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan watches A LOT of film ... no really, it’s a lot

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This film schedule sounds exhausting even in the age of Netflix binge-watching.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, any coach in the NFL is going to watch a lot of film, probably the exact same amount of film that Kyle Shanahan is watching with the San Francisco 49ers. But he went over the list during his press conference on Monday, following the team’s loss to the Carolina Panthers.

It sounds exhausting.

Shanahan was asked about whether or not he’d watched the game one-on-one with quarterback Brian Hoyer yet, and he responded with his entire daily schedule.

“No. There's just not enough time in the day,” Shanahan said. “I watched it at home by myself and then I watch it in the morning again when I come in. I watch it with the defensive staff first and then I do it with the offensive staff after that, and then I watch the special teams with [special teams coordinator Richard] Hightower and then I go in with the team and show about 30 clips of the whole offense and defense together. Then we break up and I watch it with the offense and then I go with the quarterbacks. Then I run in here to talk to you guys.”

He was then asked if he’d been watching film all day and he responded that yes, he does “watch TV all day,” which he said with a smile. All of that above is probably pretty standard around the league, though it’s my understanding that not every team has the offense and defense doing film sessions together.

Shanahan is a personal believer that watching both sides will make everyone involved better in the end, and I definitely subscribe to that same belief. His habits seem on point, so there’s nothing to worry about there. But again ... it sounds pretty exhausting.