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Alex Smith discusses losing starting quarterback job to Colin Kaepernick

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I’m just gonna light a match and toss it in here with this video!

Alex Smith recently sat down with Graham Bensinger to discuss a whole host of topics, and plenty of time went into his time with the San Francisco 49ers. We posted some video earlier today about the dysfunction prior to Jim Harbaugh. Now, it’s time for the hottest of topics: Jim Harbaugh replacing Smith with Colin Kaepernick.

Smith was playing the best football of his career in 2012 when he suffered a concussion. Colin Kaepernick came in and played extremely well out of the gate, and Smith’s days with the 49ers were numbered. In the interview, Smith acknowledges Kaepernick played extremely well, but Smith also thinks that given his production he should not have lost the job because of injury. Smith has understood the medical issues at play, but in the interview, you can definitely sense his frustration with the concussion protocol.

Bensinger brought up something Smith’s dad apparently said at one point after Smith was traded to Kansas City.

“Your dad – an opinionated guy – here’s what he said: ‘It was an honest and selfless locker room and Harbaugh’s decision showed the veterans I’m going to flush this QB down the toilet. It’s easy to destroy trust and Harbaugh lost the trust of the team. Veteran players have told us that.’”

Smith played a bit coy on this. He talked about how it felt like things were set up for sustained success, and then it all fell apart quickly. He played coy on if he thinks his situation impacted all of that down the road. I would think he heard from players on the team, but I’m not surprised he is playing that one close to the vest.

At the end of the segment, Bensinger asks Smith what he would have done had he been head coach. Smith says he would have returned to himself and felt like he deserved it.