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Better Rivals podcast: “You win on defense with good players.”

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David and Oscar recap the biggest takeaways from the 49ers’ season-opening loss and give you three things to watch in Seattle.

On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, the 49ers are unable to continue their season-opener magic. What did we learn about the defensive line in Week 1? What led to so many breakdowns in the secondary? And what’s going to hold back Kyle Shanahan’s offense this season? All that, plus Aaron Lynch held out due to a coach’s decision, the season’s first Spotlight Player of the Week, and three things to watch against the Seahawks.

Time Codes

  • The Rundown (0:51)
  • Game Recap (7:12)
  • Things to Watch vs. Seattle (48:00)
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Episode Resources

A chart from a Nick Saban clinic on safety responsibility area in single-high defenses.