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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Organization Bashed By Disgruntled Former Employees

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A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Thursday, September 14, 2017 edition.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders
This man chews
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Happy Thursday, folks, and in case you didn’t remember, we have football tonight. In fact, we’ve got a potential barnburner between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Houston Texans. I see this as a matchup between two teams of roughly equal talent with very wide ranges of performance on a game-to-game basis. That is to say, these are two teams with the capability for stunning feats of either end of domination. Could be incredible, could be background noise.

Former 49ers QB Alex Smith, and former 49ers DC Pete Carroll, each found a way to take a jab at the organization that had formerly employed them. Smith divulged his personal viewpoint of his oft-memorialized-’round-these-parts career as a 49er during a taped interview with Graham Bensinger, in which he spoke candidly about his feelings regarding the 49ers organization, while also recounting such classics as “The time the crowd chanted about wanting Derek David Carr”, and “That time he just sort of never got his job back after a concussion”. I’m predicting a bull market on the word, “classy”, in the upcoming days.

Pete Carroll, an avid chewer of gum, made something of a stink about GM John Lynch’s prior visits to the Seahawks organization in an official capacity as an NFL on Fox commentator. He expressed displeasure that the current 49ers GM had been given an opportunity to pick Carroll’s brain, under the assumption that it would enhance Lynch’s ability to comment on the game from the booth. Depending on which writer you’re reading, the text of the comment can read in either a playful “that rascal!” manner, or a nuclear “Lynch broke ethical standards by performing a common, hands-on study on the philosophy of teams, but subsequently returned to the NFL with the fruits of the freedom of information generally reserved for broadcast veterans”, or something, manner. Probably nothing, but could end up such an entertaining media affair to watch unfold.

Finally, I’m trying to rearrange the format of the day’s reading. If it isn’t too much trouble, would you mind letting me know if it makes a difference, especially if you’re a mobile user? By switching the hyperlinks to the right, consolidating articles under one headline helps clean up clutter in the different sections, but could possibly make for more targets to accidentally press if you scroll with your right thumb. Thanks in advance.

On to the good stuff-

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