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NFC West checkup: Can Rams go 2-0 to start season?

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The Rams lead the NFC West. Can they keep it up?

NFL: Eric Dickerson Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After one week of play, the NFC West is led by the ... Los Angeles Rams. It’s not the most surprising thing to happen given the Rams were playing the terrible Indianapolis Colts, the Seattle Seahawks played the very tough Green Bay Packers, the Arizona Cardinals are wildly inconsistent and the San Francisco 49ers really, really suck.

Now the question is ... can the Rams actually win again and start the season at 2-0? Most project the Rams to be a bad team with under eight wins, probably finishing just a bit better than the 49ers. On Sunday, they’ll take on Washington for their Week 2 game.

Washington is favored by about a field goal on most books. But they also aren’t very good. In fact, I’m picking Sean McVay’s Rams to beat them and go 2-0 to start the season. Jared Goff isn’t remarkable, not yet, but there are some very good players on that defense.

To be fair, two other teams in the NFC West are also pretty likely to win their games.

First, the Seahawks. They’re playing the 49ers, a team I’m loosely familiar with, but who my friends assure me are definitely on the up-and-up and likely to put up a rather good fight. Still, I’m going to pick the Seahawks. Obviously.

The Cardinals will be playing the Colts, the team the Rams completely obliterated in Week 1. Arizona is coming off a close loss to the Detroit Lions, and Jacoby Brissett is no Matthew Stafford, let’s be realistic. So the Cardinals get a win as well and we’re looking at ...

Well, still a Rams NFC West lead. What a time to be alive.