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Simulation: 49ers vs. Seahawks in Madden 18

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This isn’t going to end well

I was reluctant to even simulate a single game in the 49ers contest against Seattle, mostly because last week, Madden kind of got things pretty darn close to how that game turned out. Needless to say, I’m not too thrilled to think of the beating the 49ers are about to get as far as the game is concerned. We all know how much I like when Madden proves to be wrong.

Last week, Madden predicted a 30-8 ending in the game against the Carolina Panthers. The actual score wound up being 27 23-3. Which wasn’t too far off. Now we have Seattle, and we all know how Century Link goes.

Notable inactives for 49ers: Jimmie Ward, Reuben Foster
Notable inactives for Seahawks: Terence Garvin
Quarter Length: 6:00
Games Simulated: 3

The battle of offensive lines

I want to tell all of you that this was a sack-fest given Seattle and San Francisco’s offensive line struggles. Last week Seattle’s offensive line nearly gave San Francisco a run for its money in incompetance. Seems like that’s a fluke, or the 49ers pass rush is still a frustrating work-in-progress. Seattle managed to average two sacks a game while the 49ers managed only half a sack. The half comes from the second game where Seattle managed to get four sacks total while SF got a nice goose egg.

There wasn’t much hurry from the offense either, Russell Wilson had his moments, but for the most part there wasn’t any near-hits from the 49ers defense. On the other hand, Brian Hoyer ran for his life and was throwing before getting pancaked half the time in each game. How he will manage this and only take two sacks in the actual game, I don’t know.

Hoyer continues on Week 1’s disappointment

As many have said, Hoyer’s struggles last week were little on him and more on his offensive line being nothing more than straw. It continues here to the tune of an average of 168 yards and 44.4 percent completion percentage. The deep throw was simply not there. Only one interception was thrown in three games—going to Richard Sherman of all people. With that paltry yardage total, it goes without saying that none of the 49ers receivers were that great. Only Pierre Garcon managed to crack 80 yards once.

The rushing wasn’t much better. The 49ers barely crossed 100 rushing yards total and Carlos Hyde averaged 80 yards a game, though he did manage 4.3 yards a carry.

The 49ers running defense was good, the passing defense was awful

The 49ers run defense averaged 112 yards rushing against them—that’s certainly inspiring. They did give up constant TDs in the redzone which helped inflate the score. The passing defense allowed those frustrating deep throws by Russell Wilson setting up those touchdown runs.

For the curious, Wilson averaged 66 percent completion rate and 3 touchdowns

Average Score: 33-5, Seahawks

This seems believable. I’m hoping we can be pleasantly surprised with a couple touchdowns before things get out of hand. Unfortunately, the 49ers offensive line is bad and the defense, while getting better, isn’t a finished product, especially with the absences of Reuben Foster and Jimmie Ward.